A history of firsts

Here’s a look at how the Seattle Thunderbirds 1st round Bantam picks over the past 15 years have performed for both Seattle and beyond:

(Number of pick shown to left of player)

8-Dante Fabbro (D) has not signed yet

22-Kaden Elder (C)
3GP 0P -4

1-Mathew Barzal (C)
59GP 14G 40A 20PIM +3 Playoffs: 9GP 1G 5A 4PIM -1

20-Keegan Kolesar (RW)
60GP 2G 6A 45PIM -7 Playoffs: 9GP 2A 2PIM +2

6-Ryan Gropp (LW)
59GP 18G 24A 22PIM -5 Playoffs: 9GP 1G 3A +1

4-Jared Hauf (D)
203GP 5G 24A 240PIM -76 Playoffs: 16GP 2G 1A 12PIM +/-0

12-Branden Troock (RW)
144GP 45G 56A 175PIM -18 Playoffs: 9GP 4G 3A 8PIM -1
AHL playoffs (Texas Stars): 1GP

14-Connor Sanvido (C)
184GP 26G 27A 76PIM -36 Playoffs: 7GP 1G 2PIM -3
Swift Current/Saskatoon: 57GP 15G 20A 31PIM +1
WHL total: 241GP 41G 47A 107PIM -35 Playoffs 7GP 1G 2PIM -3

16-Erik Fleming (D)
156GP 2G 13A 52PIM -42 Playoffs 5GP
Swift Current: 39GP 1G 7A 23PIM -7
WHL total: 195GP 3G 20A 75PIM -49

11-Steve Chaffin (D)
117GP 12A 127PIM -14 Playoffs: 4GP 2PIM

16-Cody Hanson (C)
3GP -3
Regina: 44GP 4A 60PIM -4
WHL total: 47GP 4A 60PIM -7

3-Thomas Hickey (D)
262GP 39G 138A 208PIM +73 Playoffs: 32GP 7G 17A 22PIM -3
AHL (Manchester Monarchs): 212GP 14G 61A 100PIM +24 Playoffs: 15GP 9A 2PIM +4
NHL (New York Islanders): 121GP 5G 21A 42PIM +14 Playoffs: 2GP 2PIM -2

17-Bud Holloway (RW)
282GP 95G 102A 150PIM +69 Playoffs: 42GP 11G 11A 16PIM -7
ECHL (Ontario Reign): 23GP 14G 8A 8PIM -2 Playoffs: 7GP 5G 9A 8PIM +/-0
AHL (Manchester Monarchs): 191GP 54G 66A 90PIM +4 Playoffs: 23GP 11G 14A 19PIM +13
SHL (Skellefteå): 163GP 51G 102A 94PIM +58 Playoffs 43GP 17G 23A 28PIM +11

4-Chris Durand (C)
231GP 54G 83A 319PIM +33 Playoffs: 19GP 5G 4A 26PIM -5
Prince George/Saskatoon: 99GP 23G 42A 101 PIM -1 Playoffs: 15GP 4G 10A 14 PIM +4
WHL total: 330GP 77G 125A 420PIM +34 Playoffs: 34GP 9G 14A 40PIM -1
AHL (Manitoba Moose): 3GP
CIS (U of Saskatchewan): 134GP 33G 45A 122PIM +3 Playoffs 21GP 5G 9A 25PIM +11
FCHL (Prairie Outlaws): 20GP 22G 28A 10PIM

7-Cole Simpson (D)
65GP 5G 9A 12PIM -2 Playoffs: 7GP 2A -2
Moose Jaw/Prince Albert: 139GP 13G 25A 107PIM -12 Playoffs: 25GP 7A 10PIM -6
WHL total: 204GP 18G 34A 119PIM -13 Playoffs: 32GP 9A 10PIM -4

13-Matthew Hansen (D)
219GP 15G 61A 91PIM +63 Playoffs: 33GP 8A 4PIM -7
Red Deer/Moose Jaw: 49GP 2G 23A 28PIM +15 Playoffs: 22GP 1G 6A 29PIM +9
WHL total: 268 GP 17G 84A 117PIM +78 Playoffs: 22GP 1G 14A 33PIM +2

12-Tyler Metcalfe (LW)
333GP 93G 156A 284PIM +74 Playoffs 47GP 11G 12A 28PIM +1
CIS (U of Alberta): 154GP 18G 47A 171PIM +10 Playoffs: 10GP 5G 3A 4PIM +8
Hungary (Dunaújvárosi Acélbikák): 15GP 11G 15A 45PIM +17 Playoffs: 9GP 1G 4A 20PIM -3
Kazakhstan (Arystan Temirtau): 50GP 14G 23A 95 PIM +11 Playoffs: 11GP 4G 4A 14PIM +/-0
Austria (Székesfehérvár): 51GP 11G 14A 29PIM -2
MOL Liga (Dunaújvárosi Acélbikák/Miskolci Jegesmedve JSE): 71GP 51G 50A 117PIM +52 Playoffs 12GP 4G 7A 12PIM +/-0