Season coverage

With training camp over, we’re going to transition over to our regular season coverage. This will be our first full season with the Twitter account and the website so it will be a bit of a feeling out process as to the direction we take. But here’s what you can most likely expect.

  • We’ll continue with the TBird birthday tweets every day (when applicable) every morning at 11 on Twitter.
  • We’ll be bringing back a feature that people seemed to like from last season with This Day in TBirds History. Those tweets will happen at 1pm everyday.
  • Basic game night previews will still happen on Twitter at 6pm (4pm on Sundays). However, we will have expanded game night previews by 4pm (1pm on Sundays) on the website. We’ll try to make it a little more interesting than just straight numbers but no promises.
  • There are multiple places on Twitter for live game updates including @TBirdsGameday, @AndyEide, @TPigulski and @TylerHunnex. However, we will still offer some opinions during intermissions and tweet out any milestones or streaks as they happen.
  • We’re trying to get some alumni for interviews for the website. Keep an eye out for those as the year goes on.
  • Also exploring the possibility of using more audio in the future. Don’t want to go so far as saying there will be a podcast but certainly more media than just written word

That’s a quick overview. Like I said, it’ll be fluid and we might end up somewhere else at the end. If you have any comments or suggestions, please feel free to leave a comment or send us an email at our Gmail account, TBirdTidbits.

We’re looking forward to an exciting season and hope we can add to the enjoyment.