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2/14 @ Everett stat package

Jon Whiting was in Everett Saturday night and put together this stat package from that game. First picture is the faceoffs by player by opponent. The next three pictures are all the events (hits, shots, blocked shots, goals, etc.) of the game, broken down by period. Basically, if you read down, it’s a recap of […]

What remains for the US Division leaders

Frequent stat submitter Jon Whiting has put together some numbers looking at what remains on the schedule for Everett, Portland and Seattle this season. (more…)

What the US Division could have been

Every so often, rumors of an expansion team or the moving of an established franchise to a US town comes up. With the unbalanced divisions, it seems to have come up more frequently in the last few years or so. However, if you go back through the history of the WHL, you’ll see discussions of […]

This Date in TBirds History: 10-goal games

With parity in the Western Hockey League, defensive schemes taking hold and goaltenders playing with bigger and better equipment, the days of the high-scoring games would seem to be over. As you will see in the list below, they aren’t extinct completely, but they are the exception these days rather than the rule. Here are […]

Black Friday stats: face-offs and ice time

As you may have read, the Let’s Go Birds blog has shut down for the time being. Unfortunately, this left Jon Whiting, one of the contributors there, with no place to post his stats. If you appreciate these kinds of posts, be sure to comment or let us know on Twitter. (more…)