A little about MJS, the main author of the site and Twitter feed.

I’ve been a Seattle Thunderbirds fan since 1989. I went to my first game as a kid in 1990 in the old Seattle Center Coliseum. I was at the final game at the Mercer Arena, the final game in the Coliseum, the first and last games at KeyArena and have been a staple at ShoWare Center.

I met my wife because of the TBirds and we continue our love for the team now. We went on our first long hockey road trip, celebrating our 1st anniversary, in 2014 when we went on the second Central Division road trip and up to Prince George. We’ve been on many shorter ones and have visited every Western Conference arena together (including Chilliwack) except for Tri-City.

Outside of rooting for Seattle, I’m also a lifelong Boston Bruins fan. I married a San Jose Sharks fan and both are well represented in our house. I try to follow the NHL teams that have former TBird players as long as that doesn’t conflict with the above teams. Some all-time favorite TBird players: Chris Herperger, Nate Thompson, Darren McLachlan, Mark Parrish, Jim O’Brien, Jonathan Parker, Seth Swenson

I decided to start the @TBirdTidbits twitter account because I felt there were some stats and news being missed by the many other outlets that cover the Thunderbirds. Not necessarily important items but, because I am an obsessive numbers, patterns, and facts person, items nonetheless. Being limited to 140 characters, however, didn’t allow for more in-depth analysis. So the website was started to be able to expand on some of the areas covered by the Twitter account. As it was created towards the end of the 2013-4 season, this coming season will be the first full one covered. We look forward to seeing what direction this will take us.