’92 Memorial Cup attendance

We had a Twitter follower ask about the attendance for the 1992 Memorial Cup in Seattle. One thing to remember about the numbers is that the committee planned on being able to use the Coliseum for the entire tournament but were unable to do so due the Sonics being in the NBA playoffs. It also required the movement of some of the game times to accommodate that. Let’s take a look at the numbers:

Tickets were $12.50 for all games except the semi-final and final, those 2 games were $13.50. (That would be about $21-$23 today, adjusted.) Packages for the entire tournament were $96 ($162 adjusted)

5/9 12pm Game 1: Verdun vs Seattle (Coliseum)
Attendance: 5242
(Tournament started on a Saturday and opening game was at noon to accommodate NBA requirements)

5/9 4pm Game 2: Kamloops vs Sault Ste Marie (Coliseum)
Attendance: 4268

5/10 2pm Game 3: Kamloops vs Verdun (Arena)
Attendance: 3587

5/12 6pm Game 4: Sault Ste Marie vs Verdun (Arena)
Attendance: 3454

5/13 6pm Game 5 Seattle vs Sault Ste Marie (Coliseum)
Attendance: 5120

5/14 730pm Game 6: Seattle vs Kamloops (Coliseum)
Attendance: 5332

5/16 1pm Semi-Final Seattle vs Kamloops (Coliseum)
Attendance: 5350
(Were it not for the Sonics losing to Utah in 5 games, this game would have moved to the Arena)

5/17 1pm Final Kamloops vs Sault Ste Marie (Coliseum)
Attendance: 7068

Total attendance was 39421 which is an average of 4928 for the 8 games. At the time, that was way under what the TBirds were averaging for their Coliseum games. As a comparison, Seattle averaged 4427 at the ShoWare Center in the ’13-’14 season.

If you want to read about how optimistic the TBirds were about attendance, even in the middle of the tournament, you can check out this Seattle Times article about it.