Leaving but not gone

As some of you have noticed, posts and tweets have dropped off recently. That comes with some mixed feelings for me.

When I first started the Twitter account and the blog, it was born out of having an amazing amount of time on my hands. Starting in December of 2013, I was unemployed and needed something to fill that void. After my wife and I had our roadtrip of a honeymoon through the Central Division in January 2014, I decided to take my love of numbers and stats and put it to good use. My wife was usually the recipient of me discovering a current streak or noticing a pattern. With a Twitter account, it gave me a public outlet for it.

I never expected it to become as popular as it did. As I gained more followers and blog readers, I put more time and effort into it. It wasn’t out of obligation but because I sincerely enjoyed doing it. I like it when I have a question that can be easily answered by someone else and I took some pride in being able to answer the questions you had for me.

I went through all of 2014 without work. While it was hard some days to stay positive, I still had this creative outlet to feel good about myself. And it got to the point where you relied on me for information.

Fast forward to this March and me finally becoming employed again. While that was a great relief for me to have an income, it came at the expense of the time and energy I had for tweeting and blogging. Given the schedule I was working during the playoffs and the schedule I will continue to be working, I won’t be able to give this interest my attention. It is bittersweet. I enjoyed the interactions I had with all of you, the stats I got to share with you and all the things I learned from both of those activities. However, I am thankful that this career opportunity came along and was certainly not something I could refuse.

Sometime in the next few weeks, I’ll be posting all the spreadsheets I kept during the season. They may not be of too much interest to anyone but with all the hard work and time I put into them, it seems silly not to share them with the people they benefited the most. The blog will stay up so you can look back at all the previous posts if you need to. The Twitter account won’t be deleted so you can search through past tweets for any stats you need.

Every once in a while, situations and time converge for an unexpectedly positive result. That was the the 2014-15 season for me. A fun season of hockey to watch, the ability to share that excitement with all of you and the opportunities that came from that.

Quick thank yous to all the media members, teams and other bloggers who engaged with me and accepted a guy sitting at his dining room table as a reliable source for information. Thanks to my wife for tolerating me and also using her amazing skills to build my website and help me understand analytics and growing my brand. Thanks to my friends, both those socially and those I’ve made at TBirds games. Without their encouragement, I might have given up early on or at multiple points along the way. And finally, thanks to all of you readers. Without you, none of this would have been possible. Thank you for you feedback, your interest and your support.

I’ll still be around, however rare that may be. Every once in a while you may still see a post or a tweet or a comment somewhere. Because if I’m being truly honest, I would never be able to stay away completely. So until then, take care and Go Birds!