Where did they come from?

A quick look at how the players from last years roster became part of the team. Draft picks listed are for the Bantam Draft unless otherwise noted. It will be interesting to see if some of these ripples continue. With all the 19-year olds returning this upcoming season, those earlier trades may still continue to bear fruit.

Listed players:

Jerret Smith
Calvin Spencer
Scott Eansor
Connor Honey
Danny Mumaugh

Traded players:

Adam Henry (from Lethbridge for Griffin Foulk)
Sam Mckechnie (w/Yakubowski from Lethbridge for Riley Sheen, Carter Folk and 3rd rd ’15)
Jaimen Yakubowski (w/McKechnie from Lethbridge for Riley Sheen, Carter Folk and 3rd rd ’15)
Russell Maxwell (from Lethbridge for Seth Swenson, Michal Holub and 4th rd ’14)
Taran Kozun (from Kamloops for Austin Douglas, Justin Myles and 4th rd ’15)

Now, we can drill this down further. This may get complicated.

  • Foulk was traded to Seattle by Everett for a 4th rd and a 6th rd pick, both in ’14. The 6th rd pick was from Everett in the Daniel Cotton deal. Cotton was a listed player by Seattle.
  • Sheen was acquired from Medicine Hat for Jacob Doty who was listed by Seattle.
  • Folk was drafted in 4th rd of ’11. That pick came from Medicine Hat in the Scott Ramsay deal. Ramsay came to Seattle from Swift Current for Robbie Newton whom Seattle took in 4th rd of ’08.
  • Swenson was traded to the TBirds from the Winterhawks along with 2 1st rd picks (those picks below) for Marcel Noebels who was taken in the ’10 Import Draft.
  • Holub was a 3rd rd pick in ’11.
  • Douglas was drafted in 2nd rd in ’12.
  • Myles was a 5th rd pick in ’10.

Drafted players with own pick:

Branden Troock 1st rd ’09
Justin Hickman 2nd rd ’09
Evan Wardley 6th rd ’09
Jared Hauf 1st rd ’10
Ryan Gropp 1st rd ’11
Kevin Wolf 10th rd ’11
Alexander Delnov Import Draft ’12
Mathew Barzal 1st rd ’12 (won draft lottery)
Ethan Bear 2nd rd ’12
Logan Flodell 3rd rd ’12
Lane Pederson 5th rd ’12
Nolan Volcan 2nd rd ’13

Drafted players with traded pick:

Mitch Elliot 5th rd ’08 (from Prince George for Eli Grossmann)
Shea Theodore 3rd rd ’10 (from Saskatoon for Jeremy Boyer)
Roberts Lipsbergs Import Draft ’12 (from Edmonton for 10th rd ’13)
Keegan Kolesar 1st rd ’12 (from Portland for Marcel Noebels)
Kaden Elder 1st rd ’13 (from Portland for Marcel Noebels)

This can be drilled down further, as well. We won’t go over the Noebels deal again as that was covered above.

  • Grossmann was a listed player for Seattle.
  • Boyer was a 2nd rd pick for TBirds in ’05. Also part of the deal coming to Seattle was Steve Oursov. Oursov was later traded to Red Deer for Mike Krgovich and a 5th rd pick in ’10. That pick was Zach Douglas, who never played in Seattle or the WHL.