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68 down, 4 to go

It’s the final week of the regular season and not much has been decided in the US Division ahead of the playoffs. A quick look at what the last few games hold and what they mean for the playoffs starting next week. (more…)

WHL playoff format

This season, the WHL will switch to a more division-based playoff format, similar to the one used by the NHL. We’ll take a closer look at how this playoff format works and what it means for potential matchups for the Thunderbirds. (more…)

2/14 @ Everett stat package

Jon Whiting was in Everett Saturday night and put together this stat package from that game. First picture is the faceoffs by player by opponent. The next three pictures are all the events (hits, shots, blocked shots, goals, etc.) of the game, broken down by period. Basically, if you read down, it’s a recap of […]

What remains for the US Division leaders

Frequent stat submitter Jon Whiting has put together some numbers looking at what remains on the schedule for Everett, Portland and Seattle this season. (more…)

Black Friday stats: face-offs and ice time

As you may have read, the Let’s Go Birds blog has shut down for the time being. Unfortunately, this left Jon Whiting, one of the contributors there, with no place to post his stats. If you appreciate these kinds of posts, be sure to comment or let us know on Twitter. (more…)

TBirds attendance trend for 2014-15

Much was made about the fact that there were two teams in the WHL who had attendance increases last season: Portland and Seattle. In fact, the Thunderbirds attendance numbers for last season probably went a long way to their marketing department winning an award from the WHL. It’s early but let’s take a look at […]

Game day: @ Everett 10/25

Oh how things have changed. At the start of the season, people were wondering where the offense in Everett would come from. A trade for an import later and the Silvertips are averaging the most goals per game of the US Division teams. Back on September 22, the Tips traded for import and Montreal Canadiens […]

The Hurricanes came and went

At the end of last season, Seattle had 4 former Lethbridge Hurricanes on their roster. After today’s deal, the Thunderbirds have zero. Let’s take a quick look at how they all got here and where they have gone since: (more…)

Game day: vs Everett 9/20

First home game of the 2014-15 season for the Seattle Thunderbirds, a season with a high level of potential and even higher expectations from the fans. Everett comes to the ShoWare Center ready to get going after sitting out opening night. The last time these two teams saw each other in a game that counted, […]