Where did they come from? 2017-18 edition

A quick look at how the current Seattle Thunderbirds roster was acquired. A great deal of thanks to Tyler Hunnex and Alan Caldwell whose blogs provided great reference and confirmation of the information below.

Aaron Hyman – From Calgary for 3rd round 2018 draft pick. That draft pick (with Zack Andrusiak) from Prince Albert for Cavin Leth. Cavin Leth from Swift Current for Sahvan Khaira. Sahvan Khaira 9th round pick in 2013

Austin Strand – (with a 6th round 2019 draft pick) from Red Deer for Brandon Schuldhaus. Brandon Schuldhaus 5th round pick in 2013. That pick (with Jesse Forsberg and a 3rd round 2013 pick) from Prince George for Colin Jacobs. Colin Jacobs 4th round pick in 2008. That pick from Portland for Rob Klinkhammer. Rob Klinkhammer (with Kevin Opsahl and Kyle Pess) from Lethbridge for Yashar Farmanara, Mitch Fadden, Gavin McHale. All 3 players were Seattle draft picks

Blake Bargar – From Victoria for Anthony Bishop. Anthony Bishop from Saskatoon for Logan Flodell. Logan Flodell 3rd round pick in 2012

Cade McNelly – Listed player

Carl Stankowski – 2nd round pick in 2015

Cole Schwebius – 10th round pick in 2016

Dillon Hamaliuk – 6th round pick in 2015. That pick from Saskatoon for Sam Mckechnie. Sam Mckechnie (with Jaimen Yakubowski) from Lethbridge for Riley Sheen, Carter Folk, and 2015 draft pick

  • Riley Sheen from Medicine Hat for Jacob Doty. Jacob Doty listed player
  • Carter Folk 4th round pick in 2011. That pick from Medicine Hat for Scott Ramsay. Scott Ramsay from Swift Current for Robbie Newton. Robbie Newton 4th round pick in 2008

Donovan Neuls – 8th round pick in 2012

Dorrin Luding – From Everett for 9th round pick in 2018. That pick from Everett for Luke Ormsby. Luke Ormsby 9th round pick in 2014

Graeme Bryks – 8th round pick in 2016

Holden Katzalay – Listed player

Ian Briscoe – 5th round pick in 2014

Jake Lee – 1st round pick in 2016

Jarret Tyszka – 1st round pick in 2014

Liam Hughes – From Edmonton for 4th round pick in 2019

Matt Berlin – From Spokane for 9th round pick in 2018

Matthew Wedman – 2nd round pick in 2014

Nikita Malukhin – 2017 Import Draft

Noah Philp – From Kootenay for 5th round pick in 2018 and 5th round pick in 2019

Nolan Volcan – 2nd round pick in 2013

Reece Harsch – 8th round pick in 2014

Sami Moilanen – 2016 Import Draft

Samuel Huo – Listed player

Turner Ottenbreit – From Saskatoon for Adam Henry. Adam Henry from Lethbridge for Griffin Foulk. Griffin Foulk from Everett for 4th round pick in 2014 and 6th round pick in 2014. That 6th round pick from Everett for Daniel Cotton. Daniel Cotton listed player

Tyler Adams – From Swift Current for MacKenzie Wight. Mackenzie Wight 7th round pick in 2014

Tyler Carpendale – 6th round pick in 2015

Tyrel Bauer – 2nd round pick in 2017

Tyson Terretta – 7th round pick in 2015

Zack Andrusiak – (with a 3rd round pick in 2018) from Prince Albert for Cavin Leth. Cavin Leth from Swift Current for Sahvan Khaira. Sahvan Khaira was a 9th round pick in 2013