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Looking at the 2015-16 schedule

Hope everyone has been enjoying their summer so far. I know this heatwave we’ve been under the last couple months has had me looking forward to getting back to the rink and watching some hockey. With a little downtime and not much to do, I thought we would take a quick look at the Thunderbirds […]

Penalty totals and percentages

One of the stats we track with a lot of detail is penalties. This post will break those down a little bit and provide some more detail than just player and minutes and look at penalty totals and percentages. (more…)

68 down, 4 to go

It’s the final week of the regular season and not much has been decided in the US Division ahead of the playoffs. A quick look at what the last few games hold and what they mean for the playoffs starting next week. (more…)

WHL playoff format

This season, the WHL will switch to a more division-based playoff format, similar to the one used by the NHL. We’ll take a closer look at how this playoff format works and what it means for potential matchups for the Thunderbirds. (more…)

Thunderbirds lease agreement from 2003

Earlier today on Twitter, Rick Westhead posted a link to a document on the Scribd website that shows the lease agreement between the Seattle Thunderbirds and the City of Seattle/Seattle Center. (more…)

Assists: primary and secondary

Today we are going to look at a pretty common stat, assists, but look at them in a different way. We are going to break them down by team strength and also primary and secondary. (more…)

2/14 @ Everett stat package

Jon Whiting was in Everett Saturday night and put together this stat package from that game. First picture is the faceoffs by player by opponent. The next three pictures are all the events (hits, shots, blocked shots, goals, etc.) of the game, broken down by period. Basically, if you read down, it’s a recap of […]

The horrors of Friday the 13th?

Triskaidekaphobics may want to skip this post. We are going to be looking at a lot of 13’s, specifically all the games since the 1988-89 season that the Thunderbirds have played on Friday the 13th. (more…)

What remains for the US Division leaders

Frequent stat submitter Jon Whiting has put together some numbers looking at what remains on the schedule for Everett, Portland and Seattle this season. (more…)